Thanks to the millions who have downloaded and installed Panda Cloud Antivirus Beta1 (0.08.80) and sent feedback to help us improve the product before its final release. Today we’re releasing Panda Cloud Antivirus Beta2 (0.08.81).

1- Uninstall the Beta1 from Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. Reboot.
2- Download the Beta2 from
3- Install the Beta2.

We focused Beta2 on fixing the most important detection & disinfection aspects per feedback from the community. The following is a list of items that are either new or fixed in Beta2. If you have any doubts about any of them feel free to post your question as a comment.

New - “Undo” Option for Recycle Bin
Some users complained about the effect of the automated deletion of known malware. In some cases where users want these samples to not be deleted and/or in the case of false positives, there was no option to recover these files. A new option has been added with Beta2 to the Recycle Bin so users can recover deleted detections for a period of 3 days (configurable by CI). During this time period file icons will be changed to show that the file is quarantined in the Recycle Bin. NOTE: this does not apply to “disinfected” files, only to “deleted” files.

New - Synchronous Real-Time Cloud-Scan
Under some circumstances files being executed (directly from Internetdownload, from a read-only network share, etc.) were checkedasynchronously against the cloud after the file was loaded into memory.This resulted in detection+disinfection actions to be taken afterinfection. With Beta2 we changed this behaviour to block the executionuntil a response has been received by Collective Intelligence. In theevent that it is malware, the file will be deleted prior to allowing itto execute.

New - Latency & Response Control of the Cloud-Scanner
We deployed 10 sensors throughout America, Europe and Asia and havedetected that 98.41% of the Collective Intelligence queries areresponded to within 3 seconds. However, in the remaining cases there isnot a control mechanism and if the response is not timely (because ofconnectivity issues, latency, proxy delays, etc.) then the programwould be allowed to execute prior to receiving the response fromCollective Intelligence. With the new response control mechanism,programs executing which take longer than 6 seconds to receive ananswer from Collective Intelligence are put “on hold” for a secondtimeout period of 30 seconds after which the program is unblocked andallowed to execute (although it will continue being scannedasynchronously).

Fixed - Slow Scans
Right after installation Panda Cloud Antivirus launches aBackgroundScan of the entire PC to ensure it is clean. Some usersreported that launching an On-Demand scan of the entire PC right afterinstall slowed down the PC and/or caused the scan to take a long time.This bug was due to both the BackgroundScan and OnDemandScan runningsimultaneously. With Beta2 this is fixed by having the BackgroundScanautomatically pause in case it detects an OnDemandScan being launched.Once the OnDemandScan is finished, the BackgroundScan will resumenwhere it left off.

Fixed - Recycle Bin Unblock Functionality
Under some circumstances and with certain types of malware, some usersreported that unblocking a suspicious/potentially unwanted malware thatwas sent to the Recycle Bin, resulted in it being continuously detectedover and over again. This has been fixed in Beta2.
Other Fixes
# Correct integration with Windows Security Center.
# Crash during full PC scan.
# Disinfection bug under Vista needing a reboot.
# Continuous “reboot needed” for disinfection bug.
# PSANHost.exe service entered unstable state after cancelling a running scan.
# “Code 1 Error” during full PC scan.
# Grayware (PUP) found on network shares was not sent to Recycle Bin.
# Grayware could be deleted from folders where the user did not have write access.
# Various system crashes fixed.
# Other fixes during detection, uninstallation, and scanning.

By the way, we’ll still release a Beta3 version prior to final release of Version 1.0. For Beta3 we’re already working on new platforms (Windows7, 64bits), improved features, a new website, a Collective Intelligence real-time encyclopedia and some additional things. Expect the Beta3 to be released around September. ... rus-beta2-released/

It's recommended that right after install and before testing you allow Panda Cloud Antivirus to fill its cache, either by letting a full BackgroundScan entirely or by manually scanning the entire PC (on-demand scan).


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