• 2009-01-07: New results have been published for:
    • Jetico Personal Firewall
    • Kaspersky Internet Security 2009
    • Online Armor Personal Firewall Free
    • PC Tools Firewall Plus
    • ZoneAlarm Pro

    The vendors of Jetico Personal Firewall and PC Tools Firewall Plus requested testing of their products after implementing several improvements into them. We can see great improvements in case of Jetico Personal Firewall. Its new version reached the score of 89%, a Very good protection level, which is 17% better result than its previously tested version.

    The previously tested version of PC Tools Firewall Plus scored 85% but it was not tested against the new tests. The new version scored 86% against the new suite with 84 tests, which makes this result quite strong if we consider that most of the competitive products tested against the new tests lost significantly.

    Online Armor Personal Firewall Free scored 86%, which is an expected result since the Free version, compared to the paid version, does not contain anti-keylogger features. The previously tested Free version scored 89% against the suite with 73 tests.

    Kaspersky Internet Security lost 4% because of the new tests and it is now on 83%, still a Very good result.

    ZoneAlarm Pro, which was previously on 86% against 73 tests, is now on 72% against the suite with 84 tests, this is a Good level of protection.




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