Hi All,

We are happy to announce the release of PCTFW v5.0.0.32 beta.

Firewall Plus v5.0.0.32 contains some significant functional changes and enhancements:

  • Password Protection – the end user has been empowered to protect critical areas of Firewall Plus with a password. These include changing or modifying Applications, Advanced Rules, Settings and Product Uninstall. When set, any attempt to make changes to these areas or uninstall the product will require a password.
    Important - Please do NOT forget your password. A Password hint is provided to assist in recovering lost passwords. PC Tools cannot recover your Password, nor will any PC Tools employee EVER ask you to reveal your Password.
  • Full Screen Mode – the end user can instruct Firewall Plus to behave in a different manner when a program which requires use of a Full Screen is in operation. This ensures that programs such as Games, Movies or Presentations are not interrupted by Firewall Plus messaging. The user can set Firewall Plus to run in two modes (a) Secure (temporarily BLOCK requests) and (b) Flexible (temporarily ALLOW requests).
  • Network Layer Enhancements – invisible to the user. Program is more stable & robust.
  • New ESV (Enhanced Security Verification) driver - more secure and more stable. Solves the following problems:
    - 100% CPU caused by GDI kernel hooks
    - System hangs caused by previous driver
    - Faster game mode (frame rates is almost the same with and without the ESV engine)
  • Removed Quiet mode – instead the Installer allow user to white list all current installed applications and minimize pop ups.

Known Issue
If you have PCTFW installed along side SD Beta 1(v6.0.0.415) or SD Beta 2( then Site Guard will be disabled.

What's new in PCTFW v5.0.0.32 beta


  • Enhanced ESV to support new Matousec Test scheme
  • Fixed Network related bugs
  • Allowed to disable ESV from installer using Advanced Options (the default is to allow ESV)

Where to download PCTFW v5.0.0.32 beta?
If you would like to download PCTFW Plus, please click here.<--------------載點(beta非正式版本,要安裝者須要考慮風險承擔哦)

What if I have feedback or questions?
Please post any feedback or questions regarding the PCTFW v5.0.0.32 beta in the PCT Firewall forum.

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